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About Newfoundland
Newfoundland is built around outdoor activity, fishing, hunting, logging, mining and has some of Canadas most exciting sceneic drives. If you want to see moose, caribou or bear take a drive from St Johns to Cornerbrook. It is a rugged land with lots of forest covering it from tip to tip. Visitors are always intrigued by the distinctive Newfoundland accents and phrases that have been carried forward from generation to generation.

The European immigrants who settled in Newfoundland brought their knowledge, beliefs, loyalties and prejudices with them, but the society they built in the New World was unlike the ones they had left, and different from the ones other immigrants would build on the American mainland. As a fish-exporting society, Newfoundland was in contact with many places around the Atlantic rim, but its geographic location and political distinctiveness also isolated it from its closest neighbors in Canada and the United States. So much so, that this isolation can be felt even today. Internally, most of its population was spread widely around a rugged coastline in small outport settlements, many of them a long distance from larger centers of population and isolated for long periods by winter ice or bad weather. These conditions had an effect on the culture the immigrants had brought with them and generated new ways of thinking and acting, giving Newfoundland and Labrador a wide variety of distinctive customs, beliefs, stories, songs, and dialects.

Newfoundland is a great place to visit as it allows travellers to experience a culture unlike any other in North America.