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About Quebec
Quebec is known as "Le Belle Province" and is the home of the Montreal Canadians and the Quebec City Winter Carnival. It is also offically a French speaking Province but so many Quebecers speak English it is not a problem getting around. For the vacationer it is opportunity to experience the French culture and language close up without having to go to France.

Quebec is the largest Canadian province in area, and the second largest in population. Quebec is a mainly French-speaking society, and the defence of its language and culture colours all politics in the province. "Unique" is a great word to describe Québec. The province is in a class of its own, with its immense territory and distinctive personality, thanks to its majority French-speaking, multicultural population. Welcome to Québec, the largest Canadian province and the only one where French is the population’s first language! Québec is home to over 7 million people, including 700,000 newcomers. A modern and solidary society with a universal, free healthcare system and a highly developed education system, it is known for its exceptional quality of life and career opportunities. Québec is also known for its democratic political system. Its diversified economy is powered by abundant natural resources and an expanding information technology sector and other cutting-edge industries. Its import-export performance makes it one of the world’s top 20 economies. Québec is also 17 highly diverse regions: rural and urban, mountainous and maritime, French-speaking and cosmopolitan. Conscious of its evolution and that of the world around it, Québec is constantly adapting to the new realities that are defining it. Society of law where it is good to live, Québec offers social measures tailored to the everyday lives of the population : universality, equality, and the public character and continual adaptation of these services.
The entire range of social measures adopted by the Québec government covers Quebecers' needs at each step in their lives, from birth to death. Moreover, the government provides assistance in respect of especially trying events such as illness, road or industrial accidents, assault, litigation, reintegration into the community or natural disasters. It also provides support to cover basic needs. Provision has been made for minimum retirement income and the payment of clearly regulated support. Minimum standards have been adopted to ensure decent working conditions. An array of services, allowances or tax breaks are intended to help families. Loans and scholarships may be granted if need be to encourage Quebecers to engage in post-secondary studies. The government offers individuals in need the necessary support to cover the cost of legal services. Tax measures ensure the fairer distribution of collective wealth while enabling the government to cover the cost of various social measures.