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About Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan has been called the Breadbasket of Canada and when you visit if you drive out into the countryside it will be easy to understand why. It is also a Province of great contrasts. If staying in Regina or Saskatoon both cities offer an assortment of large, modern hotels but venture out into the small towns and you will find a blend of newer hotel motels and older hotels with 10 or less rooms. Many of these smaller hotels do not have the amenities we are used to while travelling and are a throwback to an age where a trip of 100 miles was a big adventure for local families and a visitor to town was the topic of conversation for days. Hotels in each city are a selection of downtown, affordable, family orientated and business accommodations.

We have chosen to present information on this selection of hotels because of their reputation for excellence in the hotel industry. By visiting the city sites you will find descriptions, information and photos of some of the following hotels.

Saskatchewan is truly a multi cultural province. It was not widely settled until the early 1800s and there are many areas of the Province that were settled by ethnic groups. Some examples would be the Wynyard region where settlers from Iceland arrived, Gravelbourg with its French canadians, Whitkow from the Ukraine, Leipzig from Austria. Throughout the summer many festivals celebrating the origins of the ethnic groups are held throughout the Province. Many immigrants arrived after the Second World war and gravitated towards districts with the same ethnic backgrounds and although it now changing years ago the first language spoken in many of those communities was that of the mother country. One of the things that the visitor will find interesting is the presence of Hutterite colonies, when they come to town they are easily recognizable by the cowboy hats, white shirts and black pants held up by suspenders and the long dresses and bonnets or matching headscarves worn by the women.

Saskatchewan has a large first nations population and more and more natives are now leaving the reserves and living and working in town.

One of the things that surprise visitors is that half of the Province is forested and only a third is farmland. For the angling and hunting enthusiast the Province has over 100,000 lakes, rivers and marshlands and a huge population of whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, moose and elk.

Culture, Entertainment, Natural Beauty

Saskatchewan is truly the Land of Living Skies featuring:
Breathtaking sunsets stretching across endless horizons
Northern lights that twinkle and dance in the night air
Four distinct seasons with their beauty, excitement and activities
A province rich in natural and historical tourist attractions
Entertainment, arts and culture are plentiful and suit all tastes:
The performing arts
Jamborees and major stage productions
Art galleries and pioneer museums
Rodeos, craft bazaars and ethnic foods
Multicultural dances and festivals
Rock and roll, classical and country music events
Modern and varied shopping and dining

We are proud of our wide open spaces and clean, fresh air, no traffic jams, urban sprawl or long commutes here. Saskatchewan is the sunniest province in Canada averaging up to 2,500 hours of sunshine a year