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All About Charlottetown
Safe for your family When compared to large population centers, life in Charlottetown and PEI experiences a very low rate of crime and violence is almost non-existant.

Charlottetown is known as the birthplace of Canada as it was here in 1864 that the Fathers of Confederation met to lay out the plans for the formation of a country. The city is rich in tradition having protected many of the original structures that comprised the town in the 1800's. Live theatre, traditional Celtic music and an abundance of seafood and specialty restaurants are found throughout the downtown core.

You will find an society that is behind the times in many ways with a tradition of respecting values from another time. Enjoy yourself as you walk the safe clean streets and experience the down home hospitality from the many Islanders you will be sure to meet.

The Charlottetown Hotel tourism operators of PEI are committed to quality and cleanliness in their accommodations. All properties listed on this site have been inspected to ensure they meet the Province's and industry's standards of clean-liness and state of repair. Inspections on these properties are completed prior to receiving guests.

Details included in listings are meant to assist consumers in making choices, and not intended to discriminate in any way. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars and unless otherwise stated, do not include tax. Rates provided are high season. Many accommodations offer significant discounts during the off season. Cancellation and deposit policies are set by the individual operators. Always check these policies prior to booking. The area code for PEI is 902.

Access Canada is a four-level standard used by roofed accommodation operators to meet the needs of mature travellers and people with disabilities. The program is voluntary. Participating establishments have agreed to provide a minimum number of rooms at their chosen Access Canada level. Please contact the establishment directly to ensure your specific needs can be met.

In PEI, 25 properties have chosen to participate in the Access Canada program. Following is a brief description of the Access Canada levels:

Seniors with normal aging limitations of hearing, vision and agility, and mild disability.
Persons with mild hearing, visual impairments, and stamina, strength and agility limitations.
Persons with moderate hearing and visual impairment or persons who are independent wheelchair users.
Persons with severe hearing or visual impairment, persons who are deaf or blind, and persons who are dependent wheelchair users.

The highest Access Canada rating in Prince Edward Island is A3.

You will find amenities to suit every taste with Hotels rated from 2 star to 4.5 star and many with AAA Approval and ratings.

From the white sand beaches of the North shore and the warm secluded coves of the South, natural beauty of the greenwich dunes, to the Prince Edward island scenery. All these are part of your experience when you travel PEI. All here to make your vacation into a dream come true!

When you visit Charlottetown and the Island, you will see for yourself the varied landscapes, spectacular parks and diverse cultures, this and much more is available to you on your PEI travels . An AAA Travel representative can help you select from the many attractions that await your visit.

Amenities you will find in selected Hotels in Charlottetown

Many Charlottetown hotels have exposure to the south with a view of the city and the Charlottetown harbour. Some properties have taken steps to produce an allergy friendly environment and all restaurants are non smoking. Guests are pleasantly surprised how affordable most properties are and how close they are to the ocean. Many hotels offer lobster suppers and can arrange an Anne of Green Gables tour. Some hotels can provide a jacuzzi in your room, high quality sheets, disabled accessible, buffet dining, large rooms, dark curtains, bidet, and of course a friendly staff.

Travellers are becoming more discriminating as the level of service in Hotels is constantly being upgraded. The economy of PEI has a strong dependance upon tourism, particularly in the summer when a million people visit the Island, many staying in the hotels in the Charlottetown area. And there is a wide variety of hotel accommodations available from the economical catering to families on reduced budgets to luxury with all the service, dining and facilities demended by the more affluent traveller to beautifully restored classic hotels and inns for the visitor who appreciates the decor of an earlier time. many of these loder hotels are 4 star or higher and are furnished with exceptional antique pieces.

The Island is well known for its golf courses, in fact there are 26 of them. there is something about the nutrients in the red soil that promotes the growing of healthy grass and potatoes.